Mobile Marketing

mobile marketingWhat is Mobile Marketing?

We've all seen marketing campaigns that ask you to text a "keyword" to a "short-code" (a designated 5 or 6 digit number), right? "Opting-in" grants that company permission to start sending you coupons and discount offers about their current promotions.  

While we are still busy researching and evaluating a number of mobile marketing solutions, we decided to link to the following article so you can familiarize yourself with some of the basic procedures for implementing your own mobile marketing campaigns.

What is SMS Campaign?


The SMS is simply text-message consisting of 160-alphanumeric characters that you send out to your customers. It is one of the oldest forms of direct message marketing. It is the one form of commutation which is enabled on almost all kinds of phones. SMS can be sent not only on mobile phones, but also on digital display devices, social networking sites such as Twitter etc.

Likewise, text-messaging is one of the easiest methods to deliver content to your consumers, whether it is news, banking details, polling programs, coupon deliveries, order updates, and so on and so forth. article