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Merchant Consultants, LLC - advising merchants on cost-saving solutions!

Whether you are just starting out or you have an established business, Merchant Consultants LLC, offers a variety of solutions to help streamline your business, increase your customer base and improve your bottom line!

Ask about our Free (no obligation) review and analysis of your merchant processing statement!

Credit Card Payments

Merchant Consultants LLC, has partnered with some of the top credit card payment processors in the industry to provide the most cost efficient, payment acceptance solutions for virtually every business type!

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Point-of-Sale Systems

Are you looking to upgrade your business with a touchscreen, cost-savings Point-of-Sale System? Whether your business requires a tablet-based system or a full-featured POS system, we've got you covered!

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Terminals and ECRs

Sorry, but the free placement electronic cash register placement program has been discontinued.


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Gift/Loyalty Cards

Increase your customer base, increase sales and reward customer loyalty with customized, electronic gift and loyalty cards! Electronic gift cards are also a great way to issue in-store credit for returned merchandise.

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PCI Compliance

Protecting your customers' sensitive credit card details is a top priority for every business that accepts credit cards. We will help answer your questions and provide the necessary sources to help your compaany maintain PCI Compliance.

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Strategic Partnerships

Merchant Consultants LLC is connecting: integrated payment gateway solutions with business software developers; group pricing for business associations; free bankcard statement analysis for accounting firms...

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About Us

merchant consultants logoAs with most providers, Merchant Consultants LLC can board merchants throughout the entire USA. However, we have recently updated our business model and decided to concentrate most of our efforts on North Eastern Wisconsin, primarily the Fox River Valley and neighboring communities.

This will enable us to meet face-to-face with more merchants to discuss how we can help to streamline your business, introduce new products and services and... read more

Statement Analysis

Are you concerned about hidden fees and "tricky" pricing schemes on your monthly processing statement?

No Problem! We offer a complimentary review and analysis of your statement!

Deciphering InterChange and other costs

Merchant Consultants LLC can often times save your company from 20 - 50% of the mark-up over true InterChange costs!

Beware of Scams!

1 "We can process all your credit cards for only 1% and the debit cards at 0%! But first we'll need to upgrade your obsolete equipment to qualify for these special rates..." more

2 "Your credit card machine is obsolete and if you don't upgrade to this new equipment you won't be able to continue accepting credit card within the next 30 days, etc..." more

3 "We have conducted an audit of your current provider and determined they have been overcharging you. You are entitled to a substantial reduction in rates, etc..." more

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